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Performance of brickwork: rules, stages and tips

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The main stages and tips on the construction of brick walls

Probably all builders know how brickwork is made. A house of such material is not subject to fostering. Consider the article information about the process of brickwork.

Some real estate objects are built from bricks and such construction is in demand, as the service reports

Before work on laying walls of brick, it is necessary to prepare a solution for this, having bought the required consumables. For brick or stone walls, it is necessary to knead 3 to 10, where the number “3” is cement or lime, and “10” is sand. You can stir the components of the solution either in a plastic or metal tray.

Immediately before masonry, it is recommended to put dry bricks, allowing you to find out their best location. To lay bricks required strictly according to the existing ligation system. In brickwork, the dressing means such a location of bricks when each of them is at the junction below the located.

To save a little on brick, masonry is carried out using the so -called air pillows. Air pillows in size not more than 8 cm. This operation saves up to twenty percent. As a result, the brick wall should have from 1.5 to 2 bricks in thickness – these are the external walls of the house, the internal can be only 1.5 bricks. But the walls-peremons are reinforced and have a thickness of only 0.5 bricks. The seam when laying a brick wall can either bulge or delve into.

The ligation of all seams of the elevated wall enables it to group into a single whole and in the future not to be divided under the influence of the entire mass of a brick building. Brickwork is fastened with ordinary cement mortar or mixed.

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