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Soft roof

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Soft roof is a multilayer material, usually consisting of modified bitumen and fiberglass. Depending on what qualities need to be improved (flexibility, strength, sound absorption, and so on), various additional additives may include in the composition.

Production technology

Bitumen, used for the manufacture of a soft roof, is modified by special components, due to which the roofing becomes immune to direct sunlight, moisture, and also easily tolerates significant temperature differences – from –70C to +150s.

According to the technology, the adhesive layer is applied to the inside of the roofing element, and on the outer-decorative-protective stone crumbs.

The advantages of a flexible roof:

Light weight;

Many shapes and colors;

Moisture resistance;

Noise and sound insulation;

Long service life – 50 years;

Does not rot, does not accumulate static electricity;

Resistant to adverse environmental factors;

Simple and quick installation;

The temperature range of its operation is from -70 to +150 degrees;

Easy to maintain.

For its excellent characteristics and cost, this material has earned positive reviews from many buyers.

The rates of the soft roof depend on its appearance:

Membrane flexible roof;

Rolled roof;

Mild tile.

Laying (installation) of a soft roof

Installation of a soft roof is performed by welding, or by mechanical fastening of elements or gluing. Particular attention should be paid to sealing seams. If you do work on sealing poor -quality, leaks and destruction of walls and foundation are possible. The basis for installation should be dry and clean.

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