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How to choose a brick correctly?

by britainsnews

The most famous and most popular and old building material, all over the world, is considered a brick. Moreover, today the brick does not lose its popularity, but continues to keep the leading position in the construction market. This is because a good brick is considered a fairly durable material, and its service life is calculated not for years and decades, but centuries. It is worth noting that the reliability of brick is not the most important thing that attracts developers. The main advantages of the material are quite high heat -saving and soundproofing properties. All these positive aspects of brick can allow residents of apartment buildings to feel quite comfortable. In this article, we instilled some characteristics of bricks that provide unique properties and affect the right choice.

The first fact is the strength of the brick. This is not surprising, when choosing any building material, it is necessary to know the first thing for its strength and load, which he can withstand. This indicator can be determined from the calculation of a kilogram for every centimeter of the area. Often, when labeling brick, manufacturers use the designation M+ numerical value. Thus, it turns out that the marking “M100” means 100 kg of load per centimeter of the area. Bricks with such labeling can be used in the construction of a low -rise or private house. For the construction of multi -storey buildings, more durable bricks are used.

The next factor is the frost resistance of brick. This characteristic shows the number of freezing and thawing cycles that brick can withstand. In order to put the marking on the brick, a special test is carried out. The brick is placed in the water for 8 – 10 hours, fasting in the freezer, at the same time, then thawing. All this is repeated cyclically, until the cracks on it are noticeable. To mark this indicator, the symbol f or domestic MRZ and numerical value is used. Given our climate, the most suitable brick is considered to be a F35 label and above.

The indicator is also taken into account – the durability of the brick. It is this indicator that is not checked by artificially, but everything manifests itself in practice. Alas, it is durability that most of modern building materials cannot boast. The only reason for the fragility of brick. Only a violated technology of its production can become. It is worth noting that the brick has existed for millennia, and the production process is honed to the smallest detail.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the brick itself. Its operational characteristics may differ. For example, porous brick has the best heat and sound insulation properties. Here are more examples: the strength of the strength of full -bodied and hollow bricks may differ. These types of bricks are used to build load -bearing walls, construction of furnaces, foundation, fireplaces or chimneys.

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