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Glue ceiling: concept, advantages and installation rules

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Floor decoration with decorative tiles made of polystyrene foam

By the concept of adhesive ceiling, it is customary to understand the finish of the surface of the ceiling with decorative tiles of foamed polystyrene foam. Such ceilings have a number of advantages. They are quite easy to install, do not require special skills and devices. Installation of such a ceiling is quite possible to perform yourself. A large selection of textures and drawings of decorative tiles allows you to diversify the decorative possibilities of finishing. To everything else, the material of the tiles is quite economical. Using such a tile, it is possible to hide the visible defects of the ceiling for small products, and in small rooms such a tile will maintain the height of the ceiling.

Adhesive ceilings are mounted from square or rectangular plates. As a rule, tiles are sold two sizes – 500*500 millimeters and 165*1000 millimeters. The surface of the plate itself can be either even and relief with imitation of threads or stucco. For such slabs, you can easily choose decorative cornices and ceiling sockets. Buy tiles with a margin of 10-15% of the ceiling area. When purchasing tiles, you should pay attention to the quality of execution. The density over the entire surface of the tile should be the same. The edges of the tiles should be even and not shy.

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