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Properties and types of charcoal for heating a house

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Manufacturing technology and charcoal properties for heating

Charcoal is biofuel, which contains a fairly high amount of carbon in solid material. I would like to note that coal arises due to burning waste from wood.

Wood coal is the most popular and common type of fuel. Thanks to pyrolysis technique, coal is produced from wood. Pyrolysis is the burning of a tree, while it does not have oxygen access or a very small amount of it, so the material burns at a very high temperature.

Most often, coal is made in furnaces, pits, barrels. But in the production of coal is made in retorts. These are special containers in which the tree is placed, then they are heated. Gas, at the same time, is excreted through the hole.

Coal is produced from production waste using various wood wood. Not only branches and chips are suitable for the manufacture of charcoal, but also sawdust, as well as fragments of trees. Large parts of a tree in natural form are laid in retorts, and small ones are combined into briquettes. Due to the features of the technology, varieties of wood, and several types of coal are obtained: large, coal briquettes, as well as small.

A great advantage of wood coal is its environmental friendliness, as well as naturalness, but this is only if the manufacturer did not add other chemical elements to the wood.

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