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How to make flooring with linoleum coating

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Linoleum is a material that is very popular today today. Do not forget that he has been in demand for more than a dozen years. Linoleum coating is a reliable coating. Of course, with tiles it does not need to be compared. Such material has a number of advantages, one of which is cheapness.

However, with prolonged operation, the material lends itself to wear. He wipes a lot in those places where the doors are located, that is, where they go more along it. To update the appearance of the coating, carefully cut out the place that is very worn out, and instead put a new one. This type of work will not require replacing the entire strip, which is very convenient. The new piece should be slightly larger from the size of the cut out so that the hole does not work.

The material that will be placed as a bookmark so that there is a non -glued distance (edge) of about thirty centimeters remains. Pay attention to the fact that it is not necessary to neglect those safety rules that have created over the years. Now many building materials can cause allergic reactions and many other types of irritation in a person, in which case it was nice to have gloves with you.

A pre -prepared load is placed on top of the bookmark. After about twenty -four hours, the edge is cut and glued on a small strip of fabric, which must be placed in advance under the docking area.

A defect that is smaller, for example, a dent or a small cut can be sealed with a mastic. The place of the seal must be cleaned well with a skin. The mastic is made according to this principle: one part of the rosin is taken, which is crushed in advance, it must be dissolved in the prepared container with the turpentine, it should be four parts in volume. Когда канифоль растворится, и смесь полностью перемешается, можно к ней добавить специальный краситель, который также заранее надо приготовить. So that it corresponds well to the color that has linoleum. Such a solution should be thoroughly mixed and a homogeneous mass is obtained.

Linoleum coating 1 long is linoleum, which is lubricated using linseed oil. This should be done several times a year with a dry rag, preferably the one made from the wool. After the oil is applied, the surface of the material should be left for a day. During this time, it is not recommended to walk on coating. After passing the given time, it will be possible to walk, and the oil can be removed with a wet rag. It should be grated to shine.

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