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How to cut a tile that is very durable

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Paul tiles have increased strength. Therefore, the technology of its cutting is associated with difficulties and most often for this use a hydrobrandic method or mechanical. For home use, the mechanical method of cutting is best suited. In the tile cutters of mechanical cutting, the cutting wheel is used, which is similar to the fact that the glass cutter is only 2 times more. After the tile was cut off with a metal tooth on a tile cutter.

If you need to cut several tiles with the same size, then use a special limiter line, it is located on a tile cutter and allows you to cut the tile many times and in a given size without much difficulty. You can also cut the tiles with the help of a stone -cutting machine, but when choosing this tool, it should be borne in mind that the quality of cutting depends on the revolutions.

When working with a stone -cutting machine, you must first make a line line from the far edge on the tile, in the direction of. The line should be as flat as possible. To ensure the maximum flat line, it is necessary to press evenly on the tool.

All of the above methods are suitable for cutting in a straight line.

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