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Cast iron boilers

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Today, steel boilers are used in apartment heating. Although they have not yet finally installed which boiler is better. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, its own advantages and difficulties. Cast iron boilers are the oldest. They have been made for a long time, so the technology has already been repeatedly verified, which indicates more trust and greater reliability. One of the most important advantages of cast iron is high resistance to corrosion.

Cast iron – heavy material. In this regard, boilers make not solid, but sectional. Sections they are delivered to the installation site, they are assembled and mounted in the heating system. The main drawback of cast -iron boilers is the sensitivity to the temperature difference on the supply and back line. If this difference is significant, the boiler can crack. Some manufacturers make boilers with a critical temperature difference of 25 degrees, others at 40. At the same time, the sectional structure of the boiler shows its advantage. There is no need to replace a whole boiler, it is enough to replace one cracked section.

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