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Types and main advantages of glass doors

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Glass doors in the interior: advantages, requirements and variations

Currently, glass is more likely to enter our daily life, and it is here in addition to beauty that such characteristics as safety and strength are acquired. This feature is most relevant for glass doors.

Here I would like to note that the type of glass will be determined, based on the physico-mechanical properties of this structure. For example, considering the usual sheet glass you can notice that by gluing a polymer film not it creates the effect of protection against mechanical damage since the film itself can create compression stress after drying out. In addition, it should be understood that glass with a film becomes an order of magnitude stronger than usual glass.

What can be said about the hardened glass, but the fact that this glass is subjected to heat treatment, as a result of which the glass becomes five times stronger. In this case, the safety factor increases. That is, when rupture, the glass is divided into large pieces, and not as in the usual case crumbles into small particles. In addition, all large fragments have practically no sharp faces. But as usual, the only minus is the sensitivity of the glass to the effects of moisture.

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