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The pipes are copper

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Copper pipes and fittings are the best fuses from various kinds of external influences, in addition, they have very high resistance to corrosion. Due to the complete lack of contact with the external or internal environment, air does not get inside, which is crucial for heating systems. Broken copper pipes in nature, which facilitates their installation and guarantees the reliability and durability of pipe connection to fittings. The strength of the connection is even higher than the strength of the pipes directly.

Copper – surprisingly universal material. His pipes work perfectly with gas, heating, water supply. This significantly reduces the costs of construction. For example, all superfluous from the construction of the gas pipeline can go to the installation of the sewage system, and t. D. In addition, in the conditions of modern water supply, chlorinated water is often supplied. Copper is not afraid of chlorine, which is already a defining factor in itself. Another pleasant news: Copper is bacteriostatic, t. e. does not contribute to the appearance of microbes on the inner surface. Nowadays, this quality simply cannot be ignored. Perennial operation of copper pipes showed that they serve reliably from 50 to 100 years.

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