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Electric wiring, as you know, can be of two types: open and closed. Closed wiring prevails in modern houses. Openly used in wooden houses, old houses, where it is difficult to stroke the walls and in cases where frequent access to wiring is needed. In modern houses, open wiring is most often mounted in administrative premises. For example, in offices, when there is neither the time nor the need to lay the highways inside the walls, and the main task is to quickly prepare the building for operation, it will definitely mount open wiring. Its main plus is constant accessibility. The main minus is a non -aesthetic appearance.

If for some reason you make a wiring or part of it outside, then you can not do without a cable channel. This is an oblong box in which the power cord is laid. Its main purpose is to ensure the safety of the cable and protect its contacts. As a rule, the box in the section is rectangular, but there are also options with a square section. Cable channels are of various sizes and colors, which makes it possible to choose. Where the cable cross -sectional area is small, you can buy a small box. Different color solutions help solve the aesthetics problem by organically entering the cable channel into the design in the premises.

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