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Chering roof repair with its own efforts

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Independent elimination of chips and cracks in the slate

Slate – the most famous of the materials to cover the roofs. He owes his popularity to the low price, ease of installation and increased resistance to influences of any kind. The composition of the slate includes cement, water and asbestos. As a result of the composition, asbestos fibers diverge in a solution of cement and create a reinforcing grid that gives this material a high strength. But nothing constant happens, and the coating from the slate may also need repairs. Repair of cracks, minor chips, etc. You can carry out yourself. Nowadays there is a reliable and quite simple way. Before starting the repair, the roof is cleaned, carefully washed with water and cleaned with a brush. After the surface of the roof is covered with a mixture of water and PVA, in formula 1: 3.

You need asbestos for the mixture, also PVA glue and water. This mixture is made in small portions for about 2 hours of work, so that it does not freeze. Recipe: take cement 2 parts, pour 3 parts of asbestos and pour PVA glue diluted with water 1×1. Ideally, a mixture of sour cream is a mixture. Cover a thickness of 2 mm. Repair is carried out in cloudy calm weather. The shelf life of the roof after this type of repair increases to 10 years.

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