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Details of repairs in the apartment for beginners

by britainsnews

Start of repair in the apartment: Rules, stages and recommendations

What to do to a beginner who started repairs and really wants to make it on his own, without resorting to the help of professionals?

The most important thing is that it is worth making a beginner is to evaluate the scope of work, draw up an action plan and repair costs.

Repair can be either cosmetic or capital. But in any case, you need to decide on the amount that will be allocated for repairs.

It will be best to start repairs from the most difficult rooms – the bathroom and the kitchen. It may be necessary to replace plumbing and pipes, ceramic tiles. This process is laborious. Then it is better to repair living rooms. Lastly, the attention of the hallway is paid.

First, ceiling, floor and walls are cleaned of old materials. Using a spatula, you can remove the lime, old wallpaper, previously moistened with water. Then linoleum with skirting boards is removed, old windows are dismantled, heating and electrical wiring are changing. The floor is filled with screed. Then the walls and ceilings are aligned. Lastly, cosmetic work is done – wallpaper is glued, walls are painted, the floor is laid. Instructions on how to do all these works can easily be found on the Internet. Is it to make repairs yourself or to trust professionals, this is everyone’s business. Advantages and disadvantages have both ways.

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